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Multi-CD Install?


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Wondering if it was possible to trick windows setup into prompting for a CD2 and copying all of the files off of it.

I have a XP DVD that I have made, but the problem is that it is getting too big for even a DL disc.. It has all 5 Office 2003 CD's on it plus several other large installs, and I have 2 more to go, but I dont want to run out of space, and I dont want to have to do anything to install stuff after Windows is installed.

I dont mind modifying TXTSETUP.SIF if I need to, but I just need to know where and what to add to make it prompt, as I dont have an MCE or a TPCE CD that I can use as a reference.



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Neither. Would one of you mind posting a link to a guide that tells me how to "optimize" the disc? I have basically taken my 5 discs, copied them to my c drive, overwritten the original install files with administrative install points, integrated sp2 and all the hotfixes, and then put that into my $OEM$ folder structure.

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Sorry, but maybe you are missing a point, there is no compression, if you use one of those .iso making programs with the right settings, it will "optimize" the CD, meaning that it will substitute any further occurrence of the SAME file, even if in different subdirectories with a "link" to the first copy.

This effectively saves a lot of space when you have a number of programs or installations that use SAME files, like (probably) those you were talking about.

See this:



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