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Bluetooth PC to phone


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Yes you can, Just buy a Bluetooth Dongle, looks like a USB pendrive, plug it into your USB socket, and you have Bluetooth.

And as long as your fone support sbluetooth, you can trasnfer files that way.

You can get bluetooth adapters from anywhere now.

hope thats what ur after, and this is more hardware than software :P

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There are 2 different kinds of bluetooth adapters.

One uses XP native drivers. I would of course recommend this option. The problem is - you do not always know what you are buying.

Other needs driver, usually that is BlueSoleil - the best bloatware. I successfully crashed 3 computers with it - to the level that even system restore didn't help.

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afaik once you get a bluetooth adapter and plug it into ur comp, ur phone will automatically connect to it and show up in my computer as additional storage.

Or it’s seen like 2 com ports, one to receive files, the other one to send it. It really depends on the type of Telephone you have.

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