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This is how you make your own custom SP?


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can this possible to change this string by custom Service Pack

like "Service Pack 3" in system properties and

"Version 5.1(Bulid 2600.xxxx_yyy_zzz.123456-ABCE : Service Pack 3)" in about windows

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I think we can continue where G. stopped. We can update the USP5.1, you, me, all of us !

I just didn't quite get yours How-to from the beginning, please can you be more specific.

I worked around with USP51, SP4, Win2K SP4 cd, I've extracted them all, found dosnet.inf files etc, I've read HFDeploy.htm from MS, all the svcpack info ... but I didn't catch you ...

I think Gurgel updated dosnet.inf file(s) in SP4\i386\ip folder and respectively in ...\iw ...\is ...\ia folders

they stand for win2k pro, win2k server, win2k advanced server, id is for win2k datacenter server.

Please, give me detailed step-by-step how-to on hotfix integration and custom sp creation, cause hotfixes are different inside, there is no [Test.FileVer.Section] in some KBs etc...

I just need to manage it, after that, I'm will to slipstream ALL post-sp4 hotfixes for Win 2000 Pro into pure SP4 and publish it as latest USP 5.x

tanx in advance

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OK Here is the deal! (If anyone even looks here anymore.) Myself and another person REALLY want to continue Hotstream and have all of the files and knowledge to do it BUT we the the stub and compiler for hotstream. I know Gurgle shared it with a coupla people and this is all we need to finish up with our first test build! This is not a joke we are very serious and have already worked out all out we just need the files.

On the board for the first release:

WMP9 & DX9 (maybe DX9 kinda hard) and of course all updates to date.

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This guide lacks the most important aspect of a Service Pack, i.e. how to make the new files and registry entries integrate when using the /integrate switch. Adding new files to all these [*.Files] sections will only make them install in a running system but for the /integrate switch you've got different sections like [servicePack.Files] and similar. You also must add the new registry entries to all the hive*.inf files and also modify (as already mentioned by zulebg) dosnet.inf and txtsetup.sif.

I hope I'll manage to write such a guide myself later on.

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In windows 3 and 4, the registry is stored in a prototype, which can be loaded into registry, So there is a file in there that becomes the default, system, software keys.

This is already known, the plan is to write a rexx command processor to handle this, something like

cdd [key]
dword name=value
expand name=value

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