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Drivers are a mystery to me!!!

Last year I had to have Xp reinstalled and bought XP Pro to do it. (I had a restore disc but it was damaged). When I got the laptop back I noticed that the desktop had a folder labelled drivers and inside that were various folders - display, modem motherboard, touchpad, network, sound, video, wireless. Inside these were the zipped drivers and they automatically installed.

My question is: where do I go to find the drivers? And how do I know which driver is for what? When I right-click my computer and select properties I see many devices each with drivers, yet they were all condensed into these few folders.

I would like to be able to categorise all the drivers into easy folders like this but have no idea how to do it!!

Could someone help explain all this to me - perhaps point me in the direction of a really simple guide for complete beginners.

Thanks for your help and advice,



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