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Replace string of file on command line


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Gsar looks more easy, but I couldn't get it to work with search strings with a comma, but that is what I need.

It doesn't work for a string containing a comma and text, like 0,win. I tried to put it in quotes, but no luck.

Then I replaced it with ASCII or Hex-Code it just displays one match, but there are much more.

Does anybody know a solution for that or another tool?

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Yes use Munge.exe. Its part of the NT4 Resource Kit. You can search for it using google, I used it a few days ago for a batch file and it works very well.

Just create a txt file containing the current string and the required string separated by a space. You can sounded the string with " " as it works with any quoted text so your expression should work.

MUNGE strings.txt -l -t file.txt

strings.txt contains your search strings and file.txt is the file you want to edit

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