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  1. In the UNIX world they would use a utility named "sed". Here's a port: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/sed.htm. It's not the easiest thing in the world to use, but it's not that hard either once you get the hang of it.
  2. Yeah, but Spheris said you can only slipstream "type 1" hotfixes. Slipstreaming "type 2" hotfixes will break things. So sliptreaming type 1 hotfixes aren't going to help anything when you cant do "type 2" hotfixes. Even if you only have 1 hotfix that can't be slipstreamed you are going to have to be careful any time it asks for the cd. This frustrates me to no end. What's the sense of slipstreaming any hotfixes when you can't do them all? Saves a few minutes of install time, sure. Makes it a lot harder to maintain your installation cd too. You have some hotfixes slipstreamed, but some hotfixes running in another batch, and then more hotfixes running even later in the install because they patch stuff you couldn't install before the first bunch of hotfixes, etc. So far nobody has shown me a good reason to slipstream any hotfixes when you can't do them all. GRRRRR!
  3. Ummm, Webmedic... You probably shouldn't be distributing valid VLKs in your winnt.sif file.
  4. I don't see why we can't have 2 guides or 3 (batch file (who knows, it may be what someone needs to use)/slipstream/Mixed(MS way)) and list of pros and cons for each process vs the other. I haven't decided which process I like better yet. If we HAVE to have only one guide... Which way is makes a faster install? That's what I want. I don't care about space, I care about time. As I said before, though, WU must be aware the hotfixes are installed - no compromises on that one.
  5. Now we're talking! I couldn't understand why we'd go through all the trouble of slipstreaming them and then running the hotfixes afterward anyway. At least, that seems to be what's happening... correct me if I'm wrong. If it's just a matter of registry entries it should be relatively simple to figure them out and import them shouldn't it? I feel that slipstreaming the hotfixes without windows update being able to tell is counter-productive. It creates more work for the administrator cataloging and keeping track of which hot fix was on which installation cd that went on which computer and now which hotfix still needs to go on which computer - which just typing out has made me dizzy. (first time poster/couple week lurker )

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