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I want to change the icon of the internet explorer exe, and that file only.

But how do I do it?

when I right-click it, it comes up with internet options, and there's no way to change it through the "customize desktop" feature in the start menu :(

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If you mean the icon that appears on the desktop, try changing the value in


usually it's "shdoclc.dll,-190" - change (with regedit) to whatever you want.

It may not work, especially if not on a fresh install (some programs - antivirus, office etc - may interfere).


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Thanks :)

Which WINDOWS folder is the internet explorer exe in?

Of course, in "Program Files\Internet Explorer" - but that "iexplore.exe" does not do much by itself. It just calls a bunch of dlls located in windows\system32 which do all the stuff. Micro$oft worked hard to tie up Internet Explorer into Windows a long time ago, when Netscape [the original one] was the most successful browser and was sold for $$$, and IE sunk it down because it came with the OS. Micro$oft tied it up because: 1. tried to justify the bundling in face of anti-monopoly lawsuits; 2. gained "speed" advantage over the others since the browser was loaded together with the OS on startup.

For your needs, if you want to change the icon of iexplore.exe, I think there should be no problem (if Windows File Protection lets you).


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