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Icon Text not transparant anymore?


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Hi the icontext, below icons on the desktop used to be transparent.. I used regtweaks (during unattended windows setup) for this. But since I used newest Xpize it's not transparent anymore.

Normally you could make it transparent the following way:

This ability is currently very easily accomplished in XP. The feature is just not well named.

1. Open the Control Panel

2. Click System

3. Click the Advanced tab

4. Click Settings in the Performance section

5. Check the "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" checkbox

6. Click OK until you close the windows

I suppose my regtweak always took care of this.

also "Smooth edges of screen fonts" should be selected I think. And: right-click the desktop, point to Arrange Icons By and make sure that Lock Web Items on Desktop is un-checked.

But none of these things help... since XPize edits resourcefiles perhaps it has something to do with it? I didnt had this problem with 4.1 or 2 (the last XPize I used before 4.5).

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I discovered, when I disable Active Desktop in the registry (since it is already disabled/no active content in Desktop Properties) and reboot, the text is nice transparent!

But then I can only use BMP files as wallpaper, no JPG :(

OK new thing discovered: When I start XPize settings, enable Transparency, my background image ( a JPG file) disappears, and the desktop icontext is transparent.

When I go to display proporties to set my JPG file as background again, I get my background back, and all desktop icons disappear!

I right-click desktop & select in the submenu Show Desktop icons, but is was already checked!

even when I copy a file to the desktop the file is not shown on the desktop... this is SO weird!

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

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OK I did ONLY nLite 1.2 Beta + XPize 4.5.1 Lite (14-9-2006), everything well..

2nd test: Nlite + Xpize + all apps & tweaks: no transparent icon (text). So it has something to do with my regtweaks.reg or a running app I think..

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this can be fixed by putting shimgvw.dll in your system32 folder and register it with this command (Start>Run..)

regsvr32 shimgvw.dll

This also enables thumbnails of your pictures in Windows Explorer (when you are using that viewing method). Very handy if you use an app like Messenger to select your picture.

At least your icon text will be transparent.

A work-around I have been using: select a BMP wallpaper instead of JPG.

Or convert your jpg to bmp first and select the bmp file. This way the shimgvw.dll file is not needed.

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