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desktop blinks


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After an update yesterday, I can't get my computer to work! The desktop keeps blinking on and off....or simply won't load past the background picture (no icons show). When the icons do show, it just keeps blinking. I don't mind re installing everything but I just can't get anything started before it blinks off again.

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That's the very thing that System Restore was created for.

I call those little glitches, "Awshichtz". :whistle:

Boot up in Safe Mode and use System Restore to go back to a time before the problem started.

That will generally fix the problem.

With all the software that I download and test, I have to use System Restore a couple of times a week.

Good Luck,

Andromeda43 B)

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I have had that problem in the past.

As everyone has been saying, boot up in safe mode and use system restore.

If that doesn't work, there should be an option to boot from your last good settings...

PS: I'd email microsoft and report the update

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