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Hi All;

Stupid noob question here.

I have a computer; i use a program called my drivers to make copy of all drivers on my computer.

Can i now remove all xp drivers using nlite and then replace them with the drivers i got from 'my drivers' or will i get rid of some necessary stuff?

Thanks in advance.



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My suggestion is to back up all of the drivers yourself. The last time I used a program to do it, most of the drivers were corrupt because the program didn't copy every file (like the exes).

I would:

1. Update all drivers.

2. Save the lastest drivers you just installed.

3. Nlite the crap out of the drivers on your Windows XP CD.

Once you have all of the drivers saved, in theory, you should be able to remove all of the drivers NOT IN RED with Nlite.

I believe this is the best way for your driver removal.


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i will keep the xp drivers you never know when you need them for something that you plug in

there is nothing wrost than having windows installed / set up right to your liking than ... having a heap of drivers you removed you needing ..

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