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XP: having user accounts even if IE removed ...


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Hi folks ...

I always use to wipe that IE crap out of windows ...

Therefore I don't have the XP user accounts anymore, this is not a problem to me because:

1) I like the win2k user accounts much more

2) I can still create user accounts through the computer management

now I found this thread:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

This tweak adds win2k like user accounts even if IE is removed (no surprise - in win2k user accounts remain even if IE removed).

I think it would be cool to have that tweak added ...

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I may have responded too early...

tell me what is exactly this doing?

I ask because control userpasswords2 always works, if you keep NetMap wizard.

Control panel - Users will always delete this entry.

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Yes, I know this problem when both (XP and Win2k) User Accounts are in the control panel.

I don't know why it is that way, but if IE is removed, there are no XP user accounts and therefore the win2k user accounts don't get deleted

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