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HotFix Install Sequence Necessary?

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Just wondering -

Is there a required install sequence for the various hotfixes (that would be easily adopted)?

Should I install my numeric sequence - release date - or doesn't it really matter?

What happens if there is a hotfix to a hotfix, and they are installed in reverse order? Is the system smart enough to sequence and apply only the lastest file versions?


Just out of curosity - when using the windows update site - sometimes there are downloads that must be installed as a stand alone and the system is rebooted prior to continuing with additional downloads.

How come we can install all of these hotfixes at one time - with out rebooting inbetween?

Thanks for the input...

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well I did them all numericly on my systems and it simply leavs a good portion of them out. I think out of waht 30 maybe it leaves out about 10 of them.

That might be due to the fact that a newer hotfix has superceeded an older hotfix with newer file versions, so it gets left out.

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I thought of that. I hope it is true.

Also I found a hack that gets rid of all the backup files from hotfixes that are stored in your windows directory. It also cleans all the entries out of your add/remove programs if anybody is interested.

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I have XP Home:

Is there any problem if I include HotFixes in my procedures that are only for professional (so I don't have to account for the application suitability) when I create my procedures?

That way I could use the same hotfix directory and bat file for both home and professional installs.

" Q327696 and Q811114 are updates for IIS which is only available in Professional version of Windows XP. So if you have Home Edition you don't need to install these updates. "

Is there any harm if I were to include these on the Home version - based upon the earlier posts - I would expect that the system would hopefully ignore the unnecessary fix applications...

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home and pro hotfixes are not strictly compatible from the IIS perspective, which is why there is a separate folder and file sort in the current service packs to differentiate them

steer away from pro only hotfixes as they do insert files not fully compatible with home and vice versa

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yes thats the idea but my main system is really - - well it's almost like it's on crack. I hate windows. Really I do my linux boxen never give all this trouble.

So anyway I'm really hoping to have this installer done shortly so I can rebuild my main system. I'm afraid however that it is horibly over do for a clean install.

For instance I used the patched uxtheme and well It wont see and of the new styles but if hte style is done as part of a theme I can apply the theme and at least get the colors but the graphical part will not work. If i sellect the classic theme my whole system more or less accept for the icons goes black. I spent a few hours trying to find the drop down box for the theme properties to try and select any theme but classic. and since the whole box was black it was not to easy to find anything.

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