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Shell32.dll Replaced it Setup

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People who have hacked shell32.dll system files and cant find a way to install them because after setup is complete and you copy your files and it get replaces by WFP do this

In the I386 dir find SHELL32.DL_ and copy it to other place any you like.

Then get your copy of the shell32.dll and put it in another folder and open command promt and type "makecab shell32.dll" and then put the new made SHELL32.DL_ in the I386 dir and it will install your version instead of the oriangal version.


P.S keep the oriangal version just incase.


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using the tgtsoft patch, you have about a 70/30 chance of installing the uxtheme.dll

the sfc_os is a signed file however and cannot be circumvented

for those with the sp2 1228 build and the kernal roll up hotfix

you can add the current hotfix listing and the kernal rollup packages and have a current non debug sp2 build or wait for sp2 3/4 in q1 2005 :)

as the delay is for integration of additional security and compatibility with future winos versions

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same as sfc_os.dll but all others worked for me so its just them two now.

P.S. i ma testing now with a hacked version on explorer.exe in place of the orinagal one to see if you can add your hack .exe files in there.


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no as long as it is not UXTHEME.DLL or SFC_OS.DLL

I have tested the follow which i have replaced it the I386 so it is install with windows





and i am about to test shdoclc.dll as you need that to replace IEXPLORE.EXE Desktop Icon.

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