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Compression Bin 1.2


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Compression Bin

Last Updated May 8th, 2006


This utility allows you to drag and drop any file to it's window and have it run modifype and makecab with the LZX compression at it's highest setting (equivalent to the compression used on the Windows CD) on the file. The file is compressed and written to the same filename in the same location with an underscore replacing the last character in the filename. IMPORTANT: modifype.exe and makecab.exe MUST be in your path (preferably \windows\system32).

To set your options, right click on the Compression Bin's main window to enable/disable CRC updating with modifype and/or enable/disable compression with makecab. When the application is first run it adds a Right-Click context-menu item aptly named "Send to Compression Bin" to all files. To remove this file association, simply right-click the main window and uncheck the file association setting.

You MUST have the .NET 2.0 Framework installed for this utility to function.


Version 1.2 Build 6128 - 2006.05.08

* Recompiled source with Visual Studio 2005.

Version 1.2 Build 4238 - 2004.08.25

* All-files file association.

* Command-line parsing.

Version 1.1 Build 4236 - 2004.08.23

* Verification of existance of makecab.exe and modifype.exe within path.

Version 1.1 Build 4235 - 2004.08.22

* Support for modifype.exe.

Version 1.0 Build 4235 - 2004.08.22

* Released.


Version 1.2 Build 6128 [ Full Setup ]

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