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Need four volunteers - Bravest and Brightest

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Here's the deal, we do a disc to MS specs

I'll provide the engineering docs and etc - but lets get a little creative license going too

but I would like a discussion before we get rolling on the pros and cons of security fixes versus functionality fixes as a priority

seems the sec fixes size versus the actual bug fixing is getting a little out of hand in sight of general laziness going on with taking the time to lock a system down

I'd like some other opinions from admins and general users on the state of the never ending hotfix saga :)

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First casualty of the day I see~

The question is simple, sec fixes, which can be done alternately with locking down a workstation

Or chasing one file or another down endlessly - versus actual function fixes.

devil270975, don't be an a**. If you don't get the question - ask to clarify.

Flaming doesn't really get you anywhere with me

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Dear Sir,

I would like to apologise for my disruptive behaviour and hope that my humble apologies can rectify my appalling behaviour.

I do hereby offer my services as a volunteer as the bravest, but certainly not the brightest.

Yours sincerely,


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Of course I was just joking Spheris...it's just that after "Here's the deal.." you lost me...

After pondering your thought for a while, I think I understand what you meant, and it's just way beyond my tiny computer knowledge. No offense meant by my humorous comments.. :)

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