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NTFS Question


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I've just recently bought a new harddrive (200gb) since my old 80gb seems to be dying out.

I'm planning to partition it as follows:

C: 10gb (winxp)

D: 15gb (personal files, documents, photos etc)

E: 175gb (music & videos)

Since my E drive is 175gb or so, i guess im forced to use NTFS. So my question is, if all my partitions are NTFS and i format my C drive would it in anyway affect my other drives (D&E)?

I know its a silly question, but this is my first time using NTFS. I had only ever used FAT32 on my old 80gb and i just wanted to know a bit more about NTFS before i start treading around that area. Just a little paranoid about losing my important files :P

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NTFS and FAT32 both create Primary and Secondary Partiitons

The difference between the two is the way each manages tables to your data. In facty NTFS does it so well, you will use less space for file cluster.

If you have your C:\ as your primary partition it is sperate from the others.

I have had my system set up simular to yours.

C:\ windows installation and applications

d:\ docs and files

Being they are different partitions, you can format C:\ miliions of times but not loose data in the other drives.

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Your question is in the wrong section, BTW. This is for Office.

Anyways, the answer is NO.

You can format different partitions anyway you want. You can have some NTFS and some FAT32.

I would use NTFS for all partitions for reasons mentioned above.

I keep one FAT partition for my DOS programs. I can boot to DOS and have those DOS commands available.

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