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Skype unattended uninstall


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Hello, I've searched for this and found nothing so far. So here is my question:

How I can TOTALLY uninstall Skype without any user intervention?

The switch provided with the installer (/VERYSILENT /NORESTART /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES) works but there is still a prompt to the user that ask to delete of not the chat history.

In my scenario, I am wrapping the executable to get a total unattended installation to use with the GPO.

I know I can script, I know i can "AutoIT" but these solutions are not suitable for what I want.

Anyone knows how we can skip or just provide the info needed to get the uninstall process totally unattended?


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you can make an exe file out of a cmd file wich deletes the folders/files of skype and the shortcuts as well so you can make an uninstaller of your own. just a suggestion if you cant find any ideas.

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