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Adobe "Shockwave_Installer_Full.exe" v10.1.3.18 acting up

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Strangest thing, I DL the Flash and Shockwave add-ons from the sticky but the only one that actually worked AT ALL was the "Macromedia_Flash_Player_IE.cab". All other simply did nothing.

And since there already were newer versions I thought, what the hell...

Ok, so (after some search for the msi) I got:

"install_flash_player_9_active_x.msi" (v9.0.16.0) for the IE

"install_flash_player.exe" (v9.0.16.0) for the Mozilla

and "Shockwave_Installer_Full.exe" (v10.1.3.18) for both browsers.

Ok, after some tampering I found out that the switches for the silent mode were:

install_flash_player_9_active_x.msi /quiet

install_flash_player.exe /silent

Shockwave_Installer_Full.exe /silent

No surprises there.

Tested them all, uninstalled and ran them again and checked again if everything was in order...

However I don't feel safe with a homebrew add-on until I actually test it (using VirtualPC since Microsoft made it available for free :) ) and yes ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem!

For reasons beyond my comprehension when the time comes for Shockwave to be installed the "do you want to also install the Google (or Yahoo, I'm not entirely sure) bar" question pops up and freezes the installation until I answer, after which answer IE is started up to visit the Installation Complete web page!!!

This NEVER happens to me when I silently install it on an already working system but ALWAYS happened when the same silent switch is used for the Add-On!!!

Until one of those "what if" questions popped into mind.

Without altering the iso I loaded it in the same VM I had tested all the other times only this time, I had disabled the virtual network card (i.e. no internet connection).

Oddly enough this time there was no message for the Google (Yahoo?) Bar.

There was that same browser pop up (although it said that there was no connectivity) but this didn't affect the installation in the least after which the system rebooted to load windows and there was no trace of it...

So, two questions, why does it only happen when installing windows and does it also happen with the slim version of the installation? (Remember, I used the full).

And will it matter in a real setup where the network card drivers aren't yet installed (or are they?).

This kind of questions I'm going to explore (After a LONG period of sleep which I deprived myself for several hours) unless some of you already know the answers...

Any independent tests will probably be useful, I made my add-ons using the very easy "nLite Add-On Maker" v1.2.4.2006. Nothing is simpler.

Okay, happy huntin'! (for us all...)

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The provided shockwave installer from Adobe doesnt have an option to avoid the yahoo toolbar unattendedly. Follow the link to my Repository in my signature and at the bottom of the page is an already prepared switchless installer for shockwave. Also found there is a switchless installer for the firefox plugin should you require it.


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GREAT!!! One question though, will it work for both the IE and the Mozilla browsers and what is the firefox plug in? (or am I asking the same thing twice?)

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Ok, update people.

Shark007's switchless installer for shockwave does indeed work.

However there's a BUT.

The first time I put it to my Add-on list in nLite and tried to test-install windows it gave me a message that another installation already was in progress and setup terminated (After me clicking ok).

I tried again (integrating from scratch and then install) to make sure that this was no fluke but got the same message.

In the end I found out that it was *probably* acting up because it was in the list for installation after other Adobe setups (namely Flash Player for both IE and Mozilla but it could also be the Reader, dunno).

So, I made it install itself right after Firefox and put the rest of the Adobe products lower in the list.

In conclusion, if you want to install it and also install the Flash player put the shockwave installer before the flash player one.

That's all.

And with that I finally have a Windows Setup CD just the way I want it.

Now it's time to put it into practical use in various personalized situations.


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