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Another question. This one about Nvidia Mobile drivers.


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Decompress .exe file from nvidia. Run
setup.exe -s

The install will be silent. (I havn't tested but I'm sure it's same as regulare ForceWare...)

You are so far off its not even funny. I didn't ask how to install the drivers when windows is running.

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1. Add the regular nVidia Forceware drivers.

2. Browse to laptopvideo2go.com and download their the .inf file for your Forceware version.

3. Rename the file to nv4_go.inf and add it to your Forceware drivers.

4. Done! Now you have support for ALL nVidia GPU's, both mobile and desktop. Note that this does not include Quadro (professional GPU's), nor very old GPU's (TNT).

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