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mIRC and NoNameScript


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My homepage link

mIRC and NoNameScript


MD5 : 52884A18ED05A425A503FFBE6AEBCB54

CRC32 : D2E4C875

Filesize : 1.85 MB

Installer : build by ZcWorld 23/07/2006

-> it will make shortcuts in the start menu under the group name of mirc

- > there is a uninstaller as well that remove Mirc and NoName

Homepages link

Mirc / NoNameScript

6.17 4.03

mIRC 6.17 has been released! (February 17th 2006)

With this release we of course address most of the comments and remarks we received after the release of the previous mIRC version. Khaled added support for displaying UTF-8 text as unicode to mIRC. mIRC can also encode outgoing text in UTF-8, based on the script/codepage you selected. Among the various other changes are a better check for timed out connections, support for passive dcc send/chat connections, resizable file dialogs, lots of SSL related improvements and various additions of "dangerous" commands to the Lock options dialog.

Over 160 changes have been made to mIRC. You'll have to dig through the help file in mIRC and the whatsnew.txt on the Web to learn about the complete list of changes and their impact. Some changes are obvious, some need getting used to - please take your time to play with them and see how they work?

May we invite you to visit the Message Board on the website with all questions you might have? The board offers great help with everything related to mIRC! Thanks for using mIRC, lots of fun on IRC.


About NoNameScript 4.03

NoNameScript is an enhancement for the most popular of all IRC clients for Windows, mIRC. While easy to use, it is aimed at the more experienced IRC user that wants more control over what is happening on IRC and, eventually, his channel.

The script offers many features to make communicating with your friends easier and more comfortable, however it focuses on useful things instead of providing "war tools", "nukers" or similar content to annoy other users on IRC. That's also the reason why you won't find colorful acronym replacers or automated query messages in our script.

Here are a few examples of some of the features included in the script:

* Away system with pager and log

* Balloon tips to notify you of events

* Customizable toolbar with e-mail checker, lag graph and much more

* Control centers for psyBNC and QuakeNet's Q and L bots

* Extensive channel and personal protections

* Game support for launching games by clicking on an IP address or selecting favorite servers

* Improved channel central with topic preview, extended modes and ban control

* RSS newsticker support

* Statistics, system information and usage histories

* Theme engine with lots of themes and easy editing

* Treeview switchbar for easily keeping track of your channels and queries

* A clipboard editor, blacklist, clone scanner, alarm timer, kick/ban/dcc histories and much, much more...

Edited by ZcWorld
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  • 8 months later...

hi i wil look at the Mirc when i get time to do so

and dam about NN ... thats suxs

< as all / most can tell this is my first post in over 6 months and second login in >

< but im still MIA ATM .. but im almost ready to come back .... >

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