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I like the popcorn edition with the copy2ram code, its very fast. And there is an update today :)

5.1.7 final - Standard edition only (22th of July 2006)

- other editions will be on Monday

- fixed fluxbox startup script

- added helvetica R10 font to stop FireFox crashing when rightclick on Flash

- modified LC_ALL=C (moved to profile.d/lang.sh)

- guest user removed at all, including /home/guest directory

- fixed halt (poweroff) procedure

- killbill edition: updated WINE, dosbox and qemu

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Yet another Linux distro... I don't see anything that special about this one...
Same... for the purpose of testing or playing around with Linux, sure... but for recovery CDs, I always use plain WinPE or Reatogo (way better than BartPE). Reatogo is much easier to use than any other recovery CD out there since it uses Explorer as it's shell, and has most of the common Windows XP tools available to you. It's truly a bootable Windows XP environment - not just a WinXP based environment.

Not to detract from the topic... but there are other alternatives to just Linux bootable CDs. It's just that most people don't know about them and they use strange UIs. ;)

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