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performance lag after hibernating?

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ive been setting up a new install (xp pro slipstreamed sp2 + hotfixes) and i thought i had eveything perfect when i noticed that out of nowhere video playback on an .avi was choppy and the sound was out of sync. after a day wasted with codec research, i realized it was only happening after hibernating. using the same .avi as a test, after a fresh reboot it plays perfect. then i hibernate+resume and when i play it again it is choppy.

since then i have tried restoring my system to several restore points, following leads from the event log, closing various backrground programs and services... nothing seems to fix it-- except this one thing which is totally weird: if i close down all open programs *before* hibernating, dropping the load from ~130mb/35 processes down to ~70mb/22 processes, when i resume the .avi plays fine. if i do this *after* resuming, no go. this leads me to believe that the issue results from a certain program. but when i go through every one, selectively closing them to see if it helps, it seems that *none* of them are doing it by themselves. unless it is some combination of two or more programs... im stumped.

event viewer shows the 'userenv 1517' error message, which led me to install the windows user profile hive cleanup service. didnt fix things.

any ideas? :}

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Hibernation causes lots of problems for lots of people.

Stop using it. :no:

When setting up a PC that's one of the first things I disable.

There are critical things that windows needs to do that can only be done on a cold reboot.

So, shut down your PC when you're not using it for an extended period of time.

Windows will love you for it. :wub:



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