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[Release] AIO DvdBackup Pack V1.3 date 19-11-06


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Here is AIO DvdBackup Pack V1.3 one of the best free set of Dvd backup tools. (To my opinion)


Recently released DVDs are now very often equipped with stronger copy protections -

such as ARccOS™ and RipGuard DVD - that programs like DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter have

problems handling.

With the help of RipIt4Me, ripping these DVDs will be a very easy task. The program is

fully automated and the wizard will guide you through all the necessary steps involved.

If you prefer, there is also a true "1-Click" mode that will perform all the involved steps

automatically for you.

Read more on how to make perfect use of the programs in this addon pack here: http://www.ripit4me.org/guide.html

In this AIO DvdBackup Pack V1.3 are the following programs:

ripit4me RipIt4Me V1.5.70 Its like a frontand, sometime call it a GUI.

DvdShrink V3.2.0.15

DVD Decrypter V3.5.4.0


Note: I did update to the latest program version of RipIt4me (v1.5.70 at time of updating). I did put in all the usefull settings to :D

Download Version 1.3:

On my addon webpage

Install from: svcpack.ini

File Size: 2.15 MB (2,264,615 bytes)

MD5 hash: BAFC15D22BDE8FB000EA63CEB027709A

Older Versions:

Download Version 1.2:

Here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AWEHQJ7C

ore here: http://www.uploading.com/files/7DMJSO3O/AI..._ADDON.CAB.html

Download AIO DvdBackup Pack V1.1 here:



Install from: svcpack.ini

File Size: 2.10 MB (2,209,820 bytes)

MD5 hash: F048E023488E89E0896C365687062C5F


ripit4me V1.5.7.0:


Change log:

Dvdshrink V3.2.0.15:


ore here: http://www.dvdr-digest.com/software/dvdshrink.html



Change log: http://www.videohelp.com/~FixVTS/

DVD Decrypter:


One last note from me:

Don't let any one tell you its illegal to backup you legal bought dvd's!

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