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Vista 5456 readyboost


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This sucks and I wanna make it how it was. Let me explain.. I have not gotten a vista beta in a while. Last one was 52XX something back when readyboost worked with 64mb flash drives.

Now it only works with 256mb plus drives. LAME :realmad:

I have 3x 64mb USB 2.0 flash drives and 4x 128mb usb2.0 flash drives that I got for a deal because there small.

I have looked through the registry for an entry that limits readyboost use to 256mb flash drives and above but cant seem to find anything. I also looked all over the web for such a thing. Others are p***ed but no fix in sight.

Anyone else found a way around this or would like to use there old 64mb and 128mb flash drives with readyboost?

I hope we can find an answer. Maybe if there is a tweakui for vista it would have an entry.. Tweakui is prob a year away at this point though..

If you have a comment or can help please post.


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Interesting. I did not even know that but these flash drives are really useless to me anyway. I have 5x 128mb and 3x 64mb flash drives that i got for free. So if they wearout i'm not the least bit concerned.

I'd like to use this readyboost thing with them because otherwise there useless.

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