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[Release] DivX 6.4 Create Bundle


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DivX 6.4 Create Bundle

MD5: 622E186977DF4C20514717AA258CB957

Information: website

Size: 15.6 MB


Components installed:


DivX® is the brand name of the world's most popular video compression technology. At its core, DivX is a codec (short for compression/decompression) - a piece of software that compresses video from virtually any source down to a size that is transportable over the Internet without reducing the original video's visual quality.

Note: this is made with AutoIt script. Although it's completely silent and does not require any user intervention, you will see the setup screens during installation.


Make sure your computer is NOT connected to Internet while installing this.

Use only on English versions of Windows.

nJoy :)

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I tried it before posting it and it was silent :huh:

I will check it again, thanks for the feedback.


It's completely silent when I tried it with Virtual PC.

Make sure you are not connected to Internet.

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Which components do you want?

Should I make a default install this time, just without:

- Check For Updates

or you want it more customized like the old one?

By the way I use only my Xvid addon now, no divx codecs are ever going to be installed on my PC.

AC3 + Xvid = not a single problem so far, everything running great ;)

Don't see the reason to install DivX anymore.


DivX 6.3.1 Final for Windows includes:

DivX Player 6.3

DivX Community Codec 6.2.5

DivX Web Player 1.0

Only the player is updated, not the codec.

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Because the installer is multilanguage.

It detects your language and then displays the screens in french.

That's why the AutoIt script can't take no action, because it's only for the english version.

I'm sorry, I will edit my first post with "only for ENG"

Edited by rado354
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