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  1. Hi, Unfortunatly no ... You can't allways rely on KB ordering because Microsoft has a tendency of screwing the order up themselves I think I'll keep using the BuildDate and simply remove the faulty ones and let the Windows Update site take care of those missing ones afterworth... Cheers
  2. Hmmm... And what about those Microsoft Hotfixes that: 1) Don't have any BuildDate, like KB923789, KB886903 (Screenshot 1) 2) A wrong BuildDate format, like KB917734 (Screenshot 2) How will nLite react? Would this explain why nLite is asking me many times if I want to overwrite or not an already existing fix (dll) thruout the hotfix implementation? Regards, Johnny
  3. I found a pretty good list of setup switches for many common program installers... http://jeroeneke.laptopvideo2go.com/XP/ Have fun Johnny
  4. Hi, I've added about 15 add-ons to nLite and created my ISO. No problemo. Started Windows install It stops (hangs) in the middle of the "Installing components" step I know it ran some add-ons (cause cursor changed, Divx started, etc.) But then it stops there and then... How would you go about debugging this, beside testing each add-on and doing a full reinstall for each of them!!!! Thanks Johnny
  5. Hi, Sorry to report that on XP Home French Edition, the package is not silent It starts by asking in what language should the installation be done and goes thru all steps required for a normal setup... about 7-8 of them... Any idea why? Thanks Johnny
  6. Can't reproduce it! D*?%$? Everything is running smoothly now since my last "recompiles" Thx anyway Johnny
  7. What did the trick for me was to copy the CDIMAGE.EXE file into the nLite directory (C:\program Files\nLite) Search for this file on Google Bye
  8. nLite ends in error right after the "Hotfix integration" when compiling (step before the .ISO creation) nLite - Windows Deployment Tool has encountered a problem and needs to close. bla bla bla... An unhandled exception ('System.IO.IOException') occured in nLite.exe [3704] Additional information: The file 'F:\syssetub.dll' already exists. Note: this file has already being copied on my target by nLite in the process. Help please
  9. I was afraid of some answer like that I knew it must have been asked a thousand times over but just couldn't find the answer in this forum I guess the title should be "Hotfixes, Update Packs and Add-ons" B) Thank you rado354 Regards, Johnny
  10. Hi, I've been using nLite and created my first .ISO and it works great. B) But now I need to setup add-ons in the setup.... Where do I specify, in nLite, what add-ons I need to install? (I've downloaded some already but can't figure out WHERE in nLite you specify those ) Thx Johnny

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