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Two Computers One ADSL modem


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Dear all,

Recently my mom bought a laptop for herself.

I have a PC in my room.

I connect to the internet through a ADSL modem(HUAWEI)

that also has a wireless , USB interface along with the normal

Ethernet one.

I have a 8-port HUB..

Now my question is..

Is it possible in some way that the modem

dials by itself, and each time either my

PC or my mom's Laptop's wireless is switched on,

the systems automatically get connected to the


pretty complex question I guess...

Please try to reply..

Thanks a ton...

p.s::Sorry if this is not the appropriate sub-forum

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itsl ike this

I shud be able to dial the modem

from any of the computers..There

shud be no server or anything,,

both must have access to the modem..

t dial in...

when the other system starts up,

it shud automatically connect to the


One of them is wireless(LapTop)

The other is LAN card connected...

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and what Tain said will work, as long as both of you aren't trying to connect simultaneously. If you're both trying to surf the web, my guess is whichever PC was turned on last will own the connection (unless of course that modem is a router as well)

Just out of curiousity, do you get a 192.168 IP address when you connect? you can check by going to->

Start > Control Panel > Network Connections . From there, look for whatever your network connection you use to connect to the web (you may have more than 1) and double click it.

From there, click on the Support Tab.

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