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slipstream: MDAC2.81 + Win2kSP4


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Is it possible to slipstream a new MDAC Version?

In which folder? MDAC_TYP_2.81.EXE & MDAC281-KB911562-x86-ENU.exe

Add old updates anyway? (ENU_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE & MDAC253-KB911562-x86-ENU.exe)

What solution is better supported (2.53 or 2.81)?

Different topic:

I want to integrate NISTWin2kProGold.inf, is that possible?

I really like HFSLIP, cool to slipstream just everything in a simple way without bloat.

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You can put MDAC_TYP.EXE (version 2.8 SP1) in the HF folder but the hotfix for that version is not supported. The reason: MDAC 2.8 SP1 adds lots of new binaries which need to be copied into the Program Files folder which is too complex (for me) to handle through an INF file; I've tried to do it but I failed. The hotfix for version 2.8 SP1 also contains files to be placed in Program Files so it's the same problem there. I even tried integrating the hotfix into the installer at one point but that failed too (a dialog comes up during "silent" install informing the user that something is being installed to which the user needs to click "OK", and in the end some binaries are not installed).

HFSLIP currently makes Windows setup install MDAC_TYP.EXE at first logon for both Windows 2000 and Windows XP. I'll think about having the hotfix for version 2.8 SP1 install at first logon too; it should work but it's ugly.

The hotfix for version 2.5 SP3 is fully slipstreamed. This *can* be done because all it does is update already existing files.

Just don't mix the two together... :)

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