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More CD Space

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You can delete the following three folders from the i386 folder to get about 35 MB more space on the CD:




Just testet install without them, no problem.

Thanks for the great guide :)

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Hmm if i need more space on the unattended XP CD I use winrar to compress the files or folders.

Then copy the unrar.exe (in the winrar root folder) in your $1 folder to extract the compress files.

I use this method by Office XP:

compress: 200MB

without compress >=500MB

Before I start the setup file from office I extract the rar file:


%systemdrive%\install\unrar.exe x -o+ %systemdrive%\install\office\office.rar *.* %systemdrive%\install\


start /wait %systemdrive%\install\office\PROPLUS.MSI /QB

That's all its not a big problem but it need a little bit longer.

Sorry for my bad english but I think you can understand this method. :))

Bye Laus

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True, it does remove the Upgrade ability and possibly the repair ability as well. But if all you want is a basic 'unattended' install cd, then your proly not going to be upgrading right? If you want to upgrade, then just use your original cd, as your going to want to watch its pogress most likely ( I know I would).

EDIT: some spelling

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