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Before you guys go and make code changes to your copy of WPI, could you hold off for a bit? Until the bugs gets worked out here in v5.0? I ask this because as they get fixed and posted, you download the new code, you will have to re-do everything you just modified.

Perfect example: the timer wasn't displaying a count of 600 correct (10 minutes), it was showing 0:600. Kels posted a "fix" for it. Well, the code was not wrong at all. What Kels posted was correct, also. I had moved a bit of code around and it was not getting the Seconds value from useroptions.js before it parsed the timer value. So, that took out the code Kels added to timers.js, I removed code from globals.js and put it in main.js. There are now 2-3 files to will need to replace in the next RC.

I don't want to make your life miserable with bug fixes messing up what you have done. Follow?

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I agree with mritter that it will make it harder to keep our modifications but hey, if I'm making my own mod's, I know how to re-apply them if things still don't work... :P

It's true though. Most people shouldn't edit the code to fix things... v5 isn't a final release after-all. The only reason I do it is to try and fix the already existing problems in the hope to make your life easier. :P

Anyway, good luck with the fixes and I'll stop posting code now. ;)

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