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Just a short status report


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Greetings at all :hello:

@ Gurgel

would u be so kind and give us a short status report about USP Extr.E?

But first of all, how are u doing pal? Are u feeling well again? Can u say us which percent of EE u have approximately finished?


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yes. USP 5 can be slipstreamed like a normal windows 2000 service pack.

you can use the normal commandline options or any tool (like Nlite) to do this.

you can use win2k gold / sp1 / sp2 / sp3 / sp4 (both profesional / server / advanced server / datacenter-server (not tested on terminal server)

on both english and US-english builds - note that no other languages are supported and also will not be in te future).


last time i heard about it /G was trying to get .NET runtimes intergrated but that IS realy tricky (if do-able at al).

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Actually the USP is tested with Terminal Services - a friend of mine agreed to test it in a real TS production environment (Advanced Server), and so far it works fine - I'm told.

Anyway, I'm sorry to say that I won't give any schedules or status reports, because it's an extremely iterative process, and I know for a fact that I can spend days hunting down the last file or registry mismatch. The price you all pay for waiting is a certain degree of 'perfection'. Testing is what takes 90% of my time, and builds and tests are what take 90% of my CPU cycles :yes:

Best regards,

Gurgelmeyer B)

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