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mystery in a half shell

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I think you need to read my site a bit more carefully. It says not to integrate the update pack onto an already-nLited CD. It says nothing about nLiting a CD with the Update Pack integrated into it...

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mystery solved. The issue was a reg edit that usta work fine untill 2.0.5 update. The reg edit was one pointing my docs, my pics and a few other folders to D:\. Anyway I hate my docs and all those folders so I tell them to all point at one drive and it worked fine untill recently. Anyway I figured it out and in the future does anyone know of an app that can test reg entries for use in windows? I have had this happen 2 other times and its so annoying becuase its a total mystery when it happens. I have like 100's of reg entries I add to my install so finding the bad one can be really be tough.

Anyone have an idea on that please post.

Thanks for all your help.

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