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Nuno Brito

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I've known MSFN forums for some time now, but felt this would be an appropriate time to join this forum - this seems a good place to post questions, just hope that I'm able to help out someone else along the way..

Cheers.. :thumbup

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Hi and welcome to the forums, please narrow down your signature and follow the forum rules from now on ;) ..

Images in signatures shall NOT exceed a total of 300x100 and 80kb. Flash and animated sigs are not permitted. You can enter max 4 lines of text in signature or signature image.
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Thanks for the welcome messages, I have narrowed the signature - you are right about the length - I'm sorry for not noticing your policies on this issue, in any case I am here to help..

I'm liking this forum so far, keep up the good work! :lol:

p.s. cumprimentos aí para o pessoal de Lisboa, eu sou de Coimbra mas trabalho nos Açores..

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Por acaso vou entrar de férias por 3 semanas, mas não tenho muitas saudades do continente.. prefiro mesmo ficar por cá.

Nunca fui à Terceira, estive 2 meses em Santa Maria e estou há 2 anos em São Miguel.. a qualidade de vida por aqui é bem melhor.. ;)

Se visitares o meu blog percebes o motivo.. :thumbup


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