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Can somebody help me


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Hi all I used to make my multi boot CD with the guide from flyakite and now when I wnat to access his site it says that the site is close/down so does any one as the downloadable version plz

Thanks in advance


PS : Sorry for my english ^^

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That is sooooooo wierd, for the past like 3 days i havent been able to access that site from my bookmarks, now i click your link and its working, might have to phone the Ghost Squad!!!

EDIT Realized that the hosting (msfnhosting.org) part of the URL has gone..............

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Ok I tried to connect to flyakite guide with the msfnohosting link and It looks to be down and I think it'll no exist longer ^^

Thank you for this link it'll help me a lot

EDIT can somebody close or delete the topics since it's useless

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