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wpi close with some exe files

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i have the latest version of wpi (4.3.8)

i have an exe file located on c:\ and i want wpi launch it,

so in wpi command , i put c:\thesoftware.exe

and the strange thing is that when thesoftware.exe is installed (and closed) wpi close itself, and the shutdown.exe doesn't work.

try this: put in wpi command this command: calc.exe

you will see that wpi launch the calculator of windows, but when you close it, wpi crash and there is no shutdown in 30s

so ? has someone a solution ?

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config.js is the same as in the archive downloaded.

wpi crashes with the original config.js

(i just try to put this command line:

calc.exe )

and then after i close manually calc.exe , wpi crashes.

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