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Urgent help needed with 2003 server

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Hi everyone,

For some bizarre reason I cannot get a 2003 server machine to talk to any computers on an Ethernet network except machines running 2000 server.

If I network with firewire, I do not have this problem.

So to sum up:

- The 2000 server machines will talk to ALL computers

- The 2003 server machine will talk ONLY to 2000 server but NOT to XP or another 2003 server

- The XP machines will talk to XP and 2000 server but NOT to 2003 server

All the computers on the network are visible from all the computers.

Can anyone help us with this? :)

Any help would be most gratefully appreciated.




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im taking it that you have a hub or a router to have all those connected..

have you checked the basics?

are they straight thru or cross over cables?

can every machine ping all other machines?

if not, check ip addresses. if they are all the samescope/subnet, ping loopback on all the adapters to make sure the nics arent bad.



rule out the basics, then work your way up from there.

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