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CD Rom Drivers Can not be loaded

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my system was about finnished when I decided the current user would not have needed "AnyDVD" on this system, after rebooting from uninstalling it..The 3 CD Roms were gone in My Computor.

I got the error message in Device Manager "The drivers could not be loaded for this device (The hardware had the yellow icons)

The Drivers listed are

1) CDrom.sys

2) ElbyCDFL.sys (CloneCD)

3) imapi.sys

4) redbook.sys

5) storprop.dll

I uninstalled all 3 cd roms thru windows, then rebooted but after the new hardware wizard loaded these 3 new devices, the same error occurs.

I tried uninstalling the same devices from safe mode, same result.

My last idea was to go into the registry, and remove the traces of the 3 cd roms, I was unable to find them.. Particularly where the "Lower Filters" was shown...

Any Ideas? I need to get this pc back to the owner ASAP, she does Tax prep on this pc.

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I use many times this regtweak to restore optical drives after install/uninstall this kind of softwares :







Many success for me ...

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