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[Release] Directx April 2006


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Here it is the full directx apr2006. Taken from the Microsoft site.

I made it into a silent one installer with winrar:D

This is the link: http://rapidshare.de/files/17615889/DIRECT...REDIST.CAB.html

New download link Apr. 14-2006


This is the MD5 hash: a1d4fc90145a9db09346d082a6244793

(Used WinMD5Sum to get the MD5)

This is what i putt into the .ini file for the people how want to see exact info



description=DirectX April 2006 update


title=DirectX 9.0c April 2006







The download should be size 52.2 MB (54,778,508 bytes)

I did test it onder XP and i did test in Vmware. It worked perfectly



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Don't you read stickies? Rapidshare sucks so we're asking people not to use it anymore. Try Rapidupload or Megashare.

Sorrie i dont get stuck to long in stickies.. But you're right Rapidupload is not the best. The Limet sucks to :} I do a upload on a nother site and post it. :thumbup

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