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Internet Explorer & File Downloads


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I'm really frustrated with Internet Exploiter. Why does it insist on asking you where you want to save your file, then it totally ignores you and downloads to the temporary cache folder, then afterwards its wastes your system resources to move the file from the cache to the folder you specified. How stupid is that? :realmad:

Is there a way to prevent it from doing this, that is if I say download HERE then it downloads HERE without ignoring my request. I mean come on...

This is one reason why I highly avoid using it, but when I have to, it just stinks because of that among other things... :(

Is there a "fix" for this? Thanks

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Uhmmm....No. :blink:

I use Lightning Download. I like how it downloads files because I can download a bit of an image...Stop it after it gets fairly large and do a read-hack on the file structure in ISO Buster to find if it's the image I need. I do this because I'm a dialup user and I've been looking for ways to make boot images. I never have a problem with Internet Explorer when downloading files and I've never had any critical problem with Lightning Download. Just beware of partially downloading a file and doing a reinstall. That's a problem.

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I use a FlashGet v1.50, I find it very good piece of software. It's been in use for over 2 years now and I haven't had any problems with it.

I've modded mine to handle up to 255 simultaneous downloads from 255 simultaneous connections each. I can easily saturate the 100mbps connection :D

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