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Hello everyone, after a break, back to trying to create the ultimate unattended install.

Since this install whipes my disk I have all my documents located on D:\Documents. Can I have my documents pointed there without creating all "documents and settings" there.

Just a reg.tweak???

Thank you in advance


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hi, if i understand u, u want to move only your My document directory to D:\Documents , right ?

then you can right click on your "My Documents" dir on the desktop and there is the local path to the folder. There u can type your own folder. after click on the OK button he ask if u want to move all My Document file and links to the new folder. click yes

someware in the registry u can find the entry. i don´t know where but i think by opening the "regedit" Registry Editor and searching for the entry (your momently local path of "My documents") u can find the entry. move the folder path via rightclick on the folder and then export the reg entry to a reg file.

i hope i helped u ?


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