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question about the order thing

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from unattend windows guide :

to put a number in the Order box. 1 will be executed before 2 and so on. This ONLY works if they are in the same group.

my question is :

if i have 10 progs in the category applications and add them the numbers 1-10

and i have 10 progs in the category utilities and add them again the numbers 1-10

will wpi install all the programs of the category applications with the order i gave it and then continue to category utilities or it will install the progs that have the same number but are in differend category together?

what i mean is can i add same order numbers in each category or will they start installing together ?

i want to do it like this so i will be able to know the order of the progs in each category and not the oder of all of them

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InViSibLe Gr,

It appears that the current versions of WPI (4.3.8 and Lite 1.2) will actually overwrite "same" order numbers in the RunOnceEx registry key (by design). I've attached a sample config.js to assist with further testing.

I tackle this issue by assigning categories a set of numbers.

Example:  System (0-99), Microsoft (100-199), Commercial Apps (200-299), Graphics (300-399) and so on...

This gives me the ability to track order numbers within categories just like your talking about. You could even go as far as adding these numbers within the Category Title.

It would be nice if WPI had this filter by Category capability built in when managing the long list of apps in the config wizard to distinguish...Definately something I'll be exploring on down the road.


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