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Noob Question regarding SATA drivers (and other things)


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Through Google I found XPCreate, and it seems like it's a really cool tool.

My end goal is to have an XP CD with my SATA drivers built in, so as to not need to even have my floppy drive installed. Having it mostly patched is a bonus. XPCreate says it supports my SATA controller; however while I was running it I noticed it said no SATA drivers, etc.

Does XPCreate support these natively, and automaticly merges them into the image, or do I have to put my drivers in the FILESCD folder? If so, where, and is there anything else I'll need to do to create my disc?

I have several installers for hardware located in the FILESCD/$OEM$/$1 directory. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance,


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Not sure if this is all on the other thread, but here is my impression of how it all works

(correct me if I am wrong!)

In your XP Create root folder you should have a file called XPCREATE.CAB

If you open with winzip or similiar you will see it is full of .oem files for all different SATA controllers.

If your sata controller is not listed it may still be possible for you to make a .oem file yourself (but this is tricky and not needed in this case)

You are fine since there should be a Si3114r.oem file there (I run a Sil 3112 myself)

I believe that your files need to go in a folder of the same name as your .oem file?

(not 100% sure about this)

So basically put your files in

[xpcreate dir]\FILESCD\$OEM$\$1\Drivers\SIL3114r\

and make the iso again.

These are what my files look like:

(don't need all of these)

12,362 readme.txt
17,922 si3112r.cat
43,549 Si3112r.inf
97,920 Si3112r.sys
22,096 SiiSupp.vxd
69,120 SilSupp.cpl
10,240 SIWinAcc.sys
11,031 TxtSetup.oem

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