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Ok, I'm totally in love with HFSLIP, but I was wondering how difficult it would be to allow users to create multiple SOURCE folders so that multiple versions of the same OS can be HFSLIP'ed at the same time, conserving both time and HDD space.

This should be completely optional, but allow the user to create SOURCE.HOME and SOURCE.PRO folders for XP or .PRO, .SRV, and .ADV for 2000.

Maybe even a SOURCE.ALL folder for common things, such as an $OEM$ folder to be copied over to every SOURCESS folder.

Anyways, just a thought...

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i'm actually using HFslip to build a 6 in one cd with XP Home, pro and corp, and it's very space consuming.

The idea of having a simplier way to create multi boot cds is great.

Currently I have the 3 OS "hfslipped" and 3 version unnatended.

It costs alot a disk space and causes me trouble to maintain this base up to date.

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Uh... I don't see how combining everything would save that much of space. You'd still need to have all sources and you'd still have all final sourcess. $OEM$ folders don't need to be on your hard drive while running HFSLIP and the hotfixes don't take up much space (unless you're dealing with XPSP1).

Time is certainly not saved because HFSLIP would still need to be run on all sources.

Currently, I got 2K PRO SP4 English, 2K PRO SP4 Dutch, 2K PRO SP4 French, XP PRO SP1a English, XP PRO SP2 English, XP PRO SP2 Dutch, 2K3 SVR Gold English, 2K3 SVR SP1 English, 2K3 ADV SP1 English, 2K3 DCS SP1 English and 2K3 WEB SP1 English plus all hotfixes residing in their own HFSLIP folder on a 20gig partition. It's enough for a basic multiboot. If you want to add in additional programs, I'd say 30 or at the most 40GB would suffice, even when you ditch the $OEM$ folder and use an alternate method (like SVCPACK), and then use CDIMAGE.EXE with the -o switch to copy duplicates to the ISO only once.

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