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how to force RunOnceEx to wait?


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hey, i'm calling a Setup.exe file to begin an silent Adobe Production Studio installation and it works perfectly, except right after Windows executes the setup.exe file and it call it's .msi children, Windows starts the next item in the RunOnceEx list without wait setup.exe complete it's task

the major problem about it is that Production Studio needs a lot of time to complete it's full install, so while it's running, others .msi based installation are not allowed to run

it there anyway to solve this?

maybe something like

"if setup.exe == running





goto next_item

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i guess that "setup.exe" is a self extracting exe right?

when the "setup.exe" is finishing extracting , the process "setup.exe" does not exists

and runonce continue to the next program

to make it wait you could make a litlle autoit script to run after setup.exe

and right this :


save this as "wait.au3"

then comiple this as "wait.exe" and add it in the batch file right after the setup.exe :

start /wait %systemdrive%\install\wait.exe

this script will not stop untill the given process finish

so ruonce will not continue to the next before this one finishes

i thing its better from sleep cause you dont know how much time to add

i have done this and its working very nice

try it and you'll be ok

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ScubaSteve > thanks, the problem now is I'm using XPlode to the RunOnce processes and, for some reason, sleep.exe don't seem to be working...

InViSibLe Gr > setup.exe isn't self extracting so its process keeps running until all Production Studio softwares are being installed, that's why I don't understand exactly whats going now...

I'll try to see the %temp% folder to see if setup.exe launches another setup.exe file or something

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the "sleep method" is working perfectly now, the problem I had with it was Windows "waking up" too early, so I had to increase the sleep time to 45 minutes (yes, Adobe Production Studio Premium takes a lot of time to install everything)

so, tks again :)

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You can solve it easily like you describe in your first post using AutoIt to run setup and wait for both processes to close before proceeding.

See autoit script collection and how I did this with Nero

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BoardBabe, I found your entry in the AutoIt script collection but could not find an attached Nero file. Would you point me to it or post it as I continue to have a need to pause installation awaiting the completion of a setup.exe command with a number of embedded msi files. thx

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