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mod boot screen

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Lol this isn't a Mobo thing, - this is a windows thing,

due (probebly) to the late installation of a common svga driver... in linux (if your kernel supports it) you can load 16bit color images verry quick after al the IRQ paths have been set...

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256 colors graphics are the only true graphics. (any good coder would say it ! true color graphics can't do palette rotations :rolleyes: )

Hey, remember Win 3.1, the boot logo was only 16 colors, and there was already some linux fans to say "if your linux kernel support it, you can have 256 colors boot logos !".

gr8t !

And once people get 2^3456 colors on their boot screen, they will get stuck in a "rebooting computer" loop to watch the boot logo, and never work :(

/my two cents


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