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fonts and installing applications over the network

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hiya peoples,

need some advice...

i am building an xp unattended for works production boxes. but i need to get the install to load the company font into the fonts folder in windows duering install... any advice you can give me would be great...


as i have to ensure the whole installer fits onto a cdr (cant be a dvdr as most of the boxes we work with dont have dvd drives) i would like to use the runonceex to run stuff from a network share. any ideas how i would go about doing this?

thanks loads

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just call the apps with UNCpath in Runonceex.cmd, I did this, before I began using the WPI. Just use something like "\\myserver\myshare\install\myapp\setup.exe /s".

For some installers, you need to connect the share to a drive letter first, so you could run "net use z: \\mysever\myshare" and later in runonceex you could use "z:\install\myapp\setup.exe /s"

Of course in these two cases, you have to make sure, that the network is available and the account, you're running the installation under, has access to the share.

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For the font(s) it's a 2 step process.

First, you can just put them in $OEM$\$$\Fonts. That will get the file or files onto the system.

Second, you must "register" (for a lack of a better term) the fonts. An easy way to do this is to open the Fonts folder in Explorer. This is the easy way if you're adding a lot of fonts. If you're only adding a few, you can add the keys to the Registry manually. There was a topic here quite a while ago that detailed the Registry keys pretty well. If you search the forum, you might have to look back more than a year or so to find it. I can't remember how long ago the posting was.

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I also did this just as Doc Symbiosis stated in his response and it works very well. I map a drive using a "fake" user that has permissions to the installs folder on the network.

The only thing I ended up having to do was to create some automated installs for the software for settings and so forth. i.e. Office, Acrobat Reader, etc.

This same user has rights to join the PC to the domain.

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