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Im setting up a server thats located on a machine in my house. And i set up FTP Software on the local machine. But it will only work with the local router IP (, but i want to be able to access it remotely using the static IP. How would i go about doing this?

Thanks, Matrix :)

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I did not really understand your point.

From what I could understand, you want to setup a FTP Server, and be able to access using the Internet as a middle man, right?

For that, you need to install some FTP Server Software (Filezilla for example), and do a port forwarding on your router.

Port 21 TCP to the IP address of your FTP Server.

Im sorry if this isnt what you want.

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As Gouki said, you have to do a port forwarding on your router.

So all connections from Internet to your router with port 21 TCP will go on your FP Server.

Having a static IP is not free, but you can have a domain name as matrix9098.dynalias.com for free.

Go to www.dyndns.org to get it.

With this domain name and a small software which will automatically updates your domain name with your IP, you will able to connect to your FTP server.

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