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looking for system restore software


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hi everybody

I'm looking for some software I could make an restore cd/dvd like those which come with new notebooks but with my programs installed and settings set.

so I won' t have to manually reformat and reinstall OS and all programs and settings.

just insert disc and get my system as i like it. I don't have to backup music and stuff like that.only the system settings and programs.

I was looking for something but couldn't find anything.. can someone help?

thank you

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Lately too many topics that shouldn't be in the "general" category are being seen here. Before posting, take a look in the index page of the forum and post your topic in the appropriate category. The "general discussion" section is *NOT* a catch-all container.

Topics that are supposed to be posted in their proper section instead of "general" will get deleted, so be careful.

Before you post, check if it has been posted before by using the search function.

If you are found bringing up more than usual old topics back from the "dead", such as Polls and such, you will be warned. I have been seeing a lot of this lately, with useless posts such as "I agree." and "Oh yeah, I have this too."... Only if you have a good reason to bring a topic back up, then you can do it.

This should be in the software hangout :realmad:


Sorry for getting so angry! i was a newbie once too! and i made many mistakes. sorry, i will try to control my temper :blushing:

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There's no way for you to copy an installation from one system to the other without violating your XP (or whatever Windows you use) licence.

You could make a UA CD, but you'd still run into the troubles of licencing when it comes to the software that you use (unless you only install freeware - which would be fine).

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Well, I use Acronis TrueImage. This is not like Windows System Restore. You have to make backups of entire partitions or disks. However, you can use it to restore a clean Windows Installation in case something happens. I can't imagine living without it as I have to restore the system partition about once a week because of the dangerous things I do with the computer (or do to the computer) However, as Zxian said, you can use those backups on the same system you made the backup - if you're to restore the Windows partition.

Whenever I'm trying to do something which might harm the Windows installation, I make a backup first. Then if something goes wrong, you can always go back. It also supports booting from a CD/DVD to restore an image (the image itself can be burned to a CD/DVD) or you can make it load before Windows (by modifying the bootloader - from within the software)

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