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which laptop for me?


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heh, couldnt resist on that title description...

anyway, i'm getting a laptop, and have pretty much everything picked out...except for the cpu/gpu... i wont go near any intel chips, as i am (or probly should be) one of those amd "fanboys"...

ok, so my choices are 2: mobile athlon 64 3700+ with a mobility radeon 9700, or a turion 64 TL-40 with a mobility radeon x700....if i go for any other graphics chip, i get stuck with either an intel cpu, or an amd desktop cpu, not to mention spending alot more than 2 grand (i'm aiming for $1,600 or less)...

the rest of the system is pretty basic, 1gb ram, 80gb 7200rpm hdd, integrated sound, networking, modem, etc...a dvd+-rw burner, and pretty basic for the rest...xp home, only 1 battery, and a dc inverter for the car...

i want the thing to be somewhat powerful for some gameplay, but not much more than the source engine requires, while also being portable, with a few hours of battery life....i dont need any more internal hard disk space, as i have a 300gb external, and i dont care if it's not as powerful at games as my desktop (athlon xp 2600+, radeon 9600 XT)...

i tend to do alot on my pc...email, IM, websurfing, bit-torrent, video transcoding, dvd burning, file archiving, music playing, video editing (once in a blue moon)...so i dont really need a powerhouse, i just want it to be able to do alot of the same things i use my desktop for...

so far, i've been told that the turion is better for all but the most intensive of cpu use (games, video editing and transcoding), but i'm not sure what the difference between the 9700 and x700 is...the x700 is a newer core, but is it better for today's games? as i havent played any newer games like fear, i dont think the games of tomorrow apply to this question...so turion64 vs. mobile athlon64 ....which would fit my purposes better?

also, it should be noted that the turion route is ~$200 more expensive, so it should be worth that much extra.....

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