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[LAN] Router networking


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do the 2 modem based PCs in question already have internet service?

If so, then you need to replace your router with a VPN router, or put 3rd party firmware on the Linksys router (I assume a Linksys WRT54G is what you have) that supports VPN service. DD-WRT is firmware I'd recommend.

Then you need to install VPN software (openVPN perhaps) on each of the 2 PCs to allow them to connect to your network from the outside.

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No let me rephrase I have 6 computers and want to add 2 more

additional to make 8 all together. Main computer connects to the router and

modem, the other 5 are wireless.The 2 additionals i want to add uses modems.

They are about a 15 mile radius away.

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it depends... what are they trying to accomplish when they connect to your network? Filesharing? gaming? e-mail?

There are a couple options, though nothing is as secure as VPN, and they require at a minimum, 1 unused PC connected to your network.

You could use something like XP Pro's remote desktop (the client is available for win98 free from MS's site), or pcAnywhere, which is a little more secure than remote desktop.

The outside clients would connect through your router to the unused PC on your network, and it would almost be like sitting at that internal PC. If the 2 users will connect simultaneously, you either need 2 PCs, or some kind of virtualization program (vmware is a popular option) running on the main PC that allows 2 OS'es to run simultaneously, so that each of your clients connects to a different "PC".

Hopefully I didn't confuse you too much. if so, we'll try to clarify

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